Veliki Brijun

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About Veliki Brijun

The largest and most visited Brijuni island

Veliki Brijun is the largest, most beautiful and most visited Brijuni island.

Its suface area is 562 ha and the length of the coastline is 25.9 km. This island is an exceptional example of harmony achieved by the intertwining of nature and the human touch. Veliki Brijun is partly cultivated into a harmonious landscape of lawns and landscape parks, and besides exceptionally valuable remains of architectural heritage, it contains preserved vegetation types typical for the western Istrian climate.

Residential purpose

Although open to the public, a part of the island is managed by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia. Part of the Veliki Brijun has a special function and is used for residential purposes of the President and Government of the Republic of Croatia. These areas are located around the villas Jadranka, Brijunka and Bijela vila. Stay in one of the popular hotels of Veliki Brijun, and if you are only passing by, do not miss the delicious Mediterranean cuisine in one of the top restaurants.

Source: NP Brijuni